Day Menu


Chefs Breakfast
R 115.00
Breakfast Pita Pocket
R 69.00
American Flapjack Breakfast
R 55.00

Famous Meals

Dijon Chardonnay Chicken
R 85.00
Beef or chicken schnitzel placed on an almond sweet potato crush with cheese, coated with mushroom crème & finished with seasonal julienne vegetables
Fillet A La Crème
R 90.00
Infused with caramelized shallots & diced Champion. Sautéed & coated with crème, served on golden grilled butter potatoes
Sesame Seed Chicken
R 75.00
Chicken strips sautéed in a sweet soya reduction enhanced with sesame seeds, served on freshly poached egg noodles
Beef Wellington
R 175.00
Pork Belly
R 145.00
Fresh Line Fish Thermador
R 115.00
Mediterranean Chicken Herb & Spice
R 145.00
Mushroom Lovers Fillet
R 160.00

Quick Meals

Chilli Calamari Fingers
R 75.00
Calamari Rings
R 75.00
Steak (200g) - Rump or Sirloin
R 65.00
Pork Belly Bites
R 55.00
Chicken Strips
R 40.00
Onion Rings
R 20.00
Chicken Wings
R 65.00
Hake Pops
R 45.00
Fish & Chips
R 55.00
Steak (200g) - Fillet
R 95.00
Jalapeno Poppers
R 55.00
Beef or Chicken Burger
R 55.00