Day Menu


Savoury Buttered Waffle with Tomato Relish Sandwich
R 60.00
Centered with scrambled eggs, crisp streaky bacon & mushrooms
Nibbles Breakfast
R 25.00
Sautéed butter egg centered in toast & two strips of streaky bacon
Appetites Breakfast
R 110.00
Grilled beef chipolatas & spicy dry shaved beef, butter mushrooms, crisp streaky bacon, duo of toast, trio of eggs, beans a la chilli & Macon
Freshly made German Style Rosti
R 89.00
Adorned with chive crème cheese, sautéed mushrooms, smoked Norwegian salmon. Bedecked with a fried egg, crisp streaky bacon & smothered with sauce Hollandaise
Breakfast Bouquet
R 75.00
Infused with beef chipolatas, button mushrooms, crisp streaky bacon, olive oil grilled cherry tomatoes & perfect butter eggs
Freshly Baked Chignon Dome
R 65.00
Filled with layered wild mushroom crème & topped with a sunnyside egg


Chef’s Fettucine A La Alfredo
R 95.00
Fried Macon & portobellini mushrooms, deglazed in crème & tossed with fettuccine
Dijon Chardonnay Chicken
R 85.00
Beef or chicken schnitzel placed on an almond sweet potato crush with cheese, coated with mushroom crème & finished with seasonal julienne vegetables
Fillet A La Crème
R 92.00
Infused with caramelized shallots & diced Champion. Sautéed & coated with crème, served on golden grilled butter potatoes
Burger of the Week
R 75.00
Served with straw potatoes
Fish of the Week
R 95.00
Chef’s choice
Sesame Seed Chicken
R 75.00
Chicken strips sautéed in a sweet soya reduction enhanced with sesame seeds, served on freshly poached egg noodles
Halloumi & Turmeric Stack
R 75.00
Vegetarian delight made with coconut milk & turmeric

Day Dessert

Baked Apple Roses
R 35.00
Served with deconstructed milk tart & sugar art
Belgian Chocolate Mousse
R 45.00
Accompanied with fresh fruit garnish & various shavings
Leaf Cake
R 60.00
Completed with Belgian chocolate mousse
Peppermint Crisp
R 50.00
Layered with caramel & Chantilly cream
Belgian Chocolate Ganache set Brownies
R 50.00
Combined with homemade ice cream
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
R 70.00
Option of either chocolate hot crème or fresh fruit salad
Homestyle Malva Pudding
R 45.00
Served with homemade pastry crème
Deconstructed Pavlova
R 50.00
Meringue, Chantilly cream & fresh fruit
Crème Brûlée Red Velvet
R 40.00
Traditional French crème dessert with a red velvet twist and crunchy caramelized brûlée